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    What is Bemlo?

    Bemlo is a website where nurses and doctors can compare care staffing companies. With the help of Bemlo, nurses and doctors can find the best staffing companies. Nurses and doctors can comment on and review previous employers to increase transparency in the industry.

    Where do the reviews come from?

    The users at Bemlo leave reviews on companies they have worked with. At present, it is open to anyone to leave a review, but we will soon require you to be a licensed nurse.

    Because many healthcare professionals leave their assessments, an overall and nuanced picture emerges. Sometimes, some ratings and reviews can be a bit exaggerated, but if the reviews are consistently positive or negative, it says quite a lot. Feel free to write a review if you have worked for one of the staffing companies!

    Why was Bemlo started?

    The locum job market can be a jungle. There are over 300 companies, and not all are trustworthy. Unfortunately, we have received several comments on companies at Bemlo where people describe how the locum agencies do not behave nicely. We've heard about cheating with holiday pay, occupational pension, travel pay, payment during the introduction, etc. Many opportunistic entrepreneurs start locum agencies, burn their company's reputation, start a new company with a new name and redo everything.

    With that said, there are also outstanding companies out there. Those who provide fair conditions for nurses and doctors are good at finding assignments. Therefore, we created a site where it is clear which staffing companies are the best and the worst. We hope it lets you find your way in the staffing jungle!

    How does the ranking work?

    For the ranking of companies, we use a well-known algorithm, the standard for comparison sites. It is not enough to have a high average rating to end up high in the rankings, but this is also weighed together with the number of reviews. The companies that end up at the top of the list are thus the companies that many people have given high marks.

    Something missing?

    Please send us an email to if you have an idea of how we can improve the service.

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