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Announcing the official launch of Bemlo - your tool to navigate locum agencies

You might already have heard or even had personal experience of some of the bad actors in the locum market. It’s a jungle out there and we’ve decided to do something about it – Say hello to Bemlo! – the tool that increases transparency for qualified nurses and doctors seeking locum and temporary work in the UK. At Bemlo you can leave reviews on the staffing agencies. We then collect these reviews and use them to benchmark and rank the top locum and staffing agencies in the UK.

Just think about it. A single experience or opinion might not say a lot but put them all together and you can get a clear picture of what it is like to work with an agency. Together we are creating an indispensable collection of voices and shared experiences, which you can access as a professional guide to the ideal locum position for you.

Help us make Bemlo better.

Leave a review

Share a review on Bemlo by identifying a locum staffing agency in Bemlo's staffing agency list and posting a review and then ask a friend to do the same. The more reviews the easier it will be for other nurses and doctors to find the staffing agencies that are keeping to professional standards and avoid the ones that aren’t.

Don’t overthink what to write! Sometimes the best reviews are the ones that reflect how you feel right now and what made you think that way. Whether that is a great experience or not so great experience. However, generally speaking, we encourage contributors to only write reviews on an agency where they have worked.

Tips and tricks

What is your best tip when working as a locum? Send your advice to, and the following week we will share the top tips on

Make suggestions for improvement.

We are already sharing some basic information about each staffing agency collected from their websites. However, we need your input to know what kind of information you would like to find. In addition, we are looking into what other information or tools can be helpful in seeking and working on locum positions. Email us at We are almost always available and would love to hear how you think we can make your professional life better just for you.

Looking for a locum job?

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In the coming weeks, we will be collecting experiences from nurses and doctors seeking or working locum positions. We aim to share these experiences with you so that if you want to work as a locum in the London, Chelmsford or any other area, we will be able to recommend the best locum agencies for your speciality that will get you the highest-paid locum jobs with the best conditions.

Anything missing?

Please write us at or leave a comment below.

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