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How early should you get your rota?


Make sure to get your rota at least one month in advance. While you might not have issues finding shifts later, the selection will be smaller, and you might have to settle for less than the ideal rota. For example, you might have to travel further than you would like or work more weekends.

Do you get paid for breaks while working a shift?


No. You do not get paid for breaks while on a shift. While some agencies might offer this as a perk, it is far from the standard.

Can I work for multiple locum agencies and Trust banks?


Yes, you can be signed up at multiple locum agencies and Trust banks simultaneously. However, you will not be able to work through an agency at a Trust where you are currently registered. This rule is a cost-saving measure implemented by the trusts to save on agency fees.

Some Trusts also enforce a period where you cannot return through an agency after leaving the Trust.

What locum agencies are the best?


Using Bemlo you can quickly compare agencies by reading reviews from other clinicians and easily find the right agency for you.

Our ambition is to provide you with all the information you need to make a great agency decision.

How much do I get paid as a locum?


As a SHO you can expect to be payed £40/h - £50/h, registrar between £55/h - £80/h while you as a consultant can expect more than £80/h.

When working nights and weekends you can expect a bonus of between £5 - £10 per hour.

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